Monday, August 20, 2012

Miss D's 3 Year Sesh ~ Oregon City Child Photographer

Being a photographer can be very rewarding and fun. But sometimes it can be hard. Sometimes you get a little one who is camera-shy and wont even look you in the eye when you try to engage them. This can be very frustrating since I try my hardest to get the most natural smiles possible.

I found the best way to help them overcome their shyness is to get down to their level and keep talking to them. Ask them things like "What's your favorite TV show?" or "Who's your favorite super hero?" If that doesn't work, try making funny faces at them and have them try to copy you. Sometimes kids think certain things are funny that you might not expect. That's how we found out what makes little miss D laugh. I went through all the funny, or happy faces I could think of, so I asked her if she could show me her "sad face", and I made a really sad face and pretended to cry. She burst out with laughter; giggling and smiling. So for the next hour and a half, her mommy and her auntie were behind me "crying" and making each other "cry" to get her to laugh,smile and giggle.

I'd say it worked like a charm! Check out her adorable preview:


D14 Vintage





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