Friday, December 28, 2012

R's 6 month Session ~ Oregon City Baby Photographer

Here at Raining September Photography we specialize in outdoor portraits with natural light. Because of this, winter sometimes poses a challenge for our younger subjects. No 6-month-old should be outside for 2+ hours when it's in the 30's! So for our younger subjects we sometimes have to take the session indoors when it's too cold outside. This works best if we have a large window to work with so we can still harness that beautiful natural light we are so accustomed to.

Little R's mommy had some great wardrobe changes and backgrounds for us to use, along with her beautiful kitchen table to set everything up on. And after a little editing magic, you'd never know, with how awesome these turned out, that they were taken in the comfort of her kitchen, and not a big, fancy studio!




R7 b+w


10x20 Storyboard

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Duncan Girls ~ Oregon City Child Photographer

We had a very fun and lively session with these three little lovelies! These girls were so fun and playful,    and had so much fun running around the park and rolling down the big hill. Mommy even got to join them for a couple shots with her girls.

Mommy & girls1png


10x20 Collage

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Kelley Family Session ~ Oregon City Family Photographer

We had another amazing family session! This family was so sweet and fun to work with. It was a perfect evening, with the weather warm and sunny, it made for gorgeous evening portraits.


Fam5 b+w




H4 b+w


D9 b+w


Saturday, August 25, 2012

Smith Family Session ~ Oregon City Family Photographer

I love it when there is a specific theme or vibe to a session - it really helps us tell a story about a family, couple or individual. When their own personalities or lifestyle are shown throughout the session, we think it really goes a long way to making that experience of their session even more special and memorable, and in turn, making the final product - the photographs - that much more real and truly them.

This family loves horses, cowboy & cowgirl boots, and an overall country feel. And they really let that part of their lifestyle show through their wardrobe choices, location, and personalities.




Cheyanne5 Vintage

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

First Newborn Session ~ Oregon City Newborn Photographer

Here at Raining September Photography, we are so happy to announce our first newborn session AND first indoor session! It was so fun! Mommy brought lots of props and interesting ideas for us to try and we had a blast posing little G in different baskets and blankets with different backdrops and props.

Little G was such a sweet, adorable baby and we loved working with him and his mommy. What a great first experience it was - for everyone!

G1 b+w


G18 b+w


G14 Vintage


G19 b+w

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Little Brother & Big Brother ~ Oregon City Child Photographer

We love photographing families and siblings - especially when they get along as well as these two! Sometimes it really helps to have the other siblings present to help get the best and most natural smiles possible.

In this case, Little Brother loved to watch Big Brother, and Big Brother loved to try to make Little Brother smile and laugh. Big Brother jumped around and made funny noises and faces at Little Brother while I quietly snapped away. It worked wonders! Not to mention it made our job easier so we could focus more on capturing all the little moments and expressions it created.


H6 b+w



When it came to Big Brother's turn, we had to find out what made him laugh all on our own. Once again, you never know what's going to make a kid laugh. We found a sandy area to use as a backdrop for a 'beach themed' setup their mommy brought. We were clearing leaves and debris away from the sand, and I found a few cigarette butts lying around. "Eew, gross. A cigarette," I said as I flicked it away. Big Brother asked what it was and I told him it was an "EEW-GROSS-NASTY-CIGARETTE". He cracked up and started giggling.

He also found the thought of Batman in his underwear funny.

So we then started saying things like "I seen batman smoking a cigarette in his underwear!" And "Batman is smoking a gross cigarette inside my camera! Can you see him? Eew, how gross!"

He thought that was hysterical:





Monday, August 20, 2012

Miss D's 3 Year Sesh ~ Oregon City Child Photographer

Being a photographer can be very rewarding and fun. But sometimes it can be hard. Sometimes you get a little one who is camera-shy and wont even look you in the eye when you try to engage them. This can be very frustrating since I try my hardest to get the most natural smiles possible.

I found the best way to help them overcome their shyness is to get down to their level and keep talking to them. Ask them things like "What's your favorite TV show?" or "Who's your favorite super hero?" If that doesn't work, try making funny faces at them and have them try to copy you. Sometimes kids think certain things are funny that you might not expect. That's how we found out what makes little miss D laugh. I went through all the funny, or happy faces I could think of, so I asked her if she could show me her "sad face", and I made a really sad face and pretended to cry. She burst out with laughter; giggling and smiling. So for the next hour and a half, her mommy and her auntie were behind me "crying" and making each other "cry" to get her to laugh,smile and giggle.

I'd say it worked like a charm! Check out her adorable preview:


D14 Vintage





Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Dale Kiddos ~ Oregon City Child Photographer

We LOVE to work with returning clients. It's great to develop a relationship with someone and have that trust with them so they want to come back and work with you in the future. 

Remember these little lovelies from last year?


Their mommy wanted to update her walls with current photos of her kiddos since the little ones change so fast.

We started out in a beautiful orchard, with the afternoon sun filtering beautifully through the trees. Then we headed to a lovely park with rolling hills of summer grass and large oaks for shade. We were able to capture some really wonderful shots of the kiddos at both locations. The august heat was sweltering; hovering around 90o degrees for the entire two and a half hour session. Their mommy was kind enough to take us all out to ice cream before heading home. It was a well-deserved, cold treat for everyone - especially the kiddos - and a great way to end to a fun, although hot, summer session.

Enjoy the preview:








Big Kids1


Girls4 Vintage