Friday, December 28, 2012

R's 6 month Session ~ Oregon City Baby Photographer

Here at Raining September Photography we specialize in outdoor portraits with natural light. Because of this, winter sometimes poses a challenge for our younger subjects. No 6-month-old should be outside for 2+ hours when it's in the 30's! So for our younger subjects we sometimes have to take the session indoors when it's too cold outside. This works best if we have a large window to work with so we can still harness that beautiful natural light we are so accustomed to.

Little R's mommy had some great wardrobe changes and backgrounds for us to use, along with her beautiful kitchen table to set everything up on. And after a little editing magic, you'd never know, with how awesome these turned out, that they were taken in the comfort of her kitchen, and not a big, fancy studio!




R7 b+w


10x20 Storyboard