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New to photo sessions? Don't know what to wear?

Don't worry; We've got you covered!

         Below we've compiled a list of wardrobe and makeup guidelines to help you make good decisions about what to wear to your next portrait session. These are meant to be simple 'guidelines' for a normal session. Of course, you  may be able to bend or break some of these rules if you're planning on a stylized or themed portrait session. We've made this list to ensure that your images don't fall prey to trends or fads that will make them seem dated very quickly. We want your images to stand the test of time on your walls, so you can enjoy them for years and years to come.

{ What to Wear to Photo Sessions }

  • plan outfits at least a week before your session
  • wear neutrals with pops of color that complement your skin tone and bring out your eye color
  • wear something that fits your body-type that you feel comfortable in
  • wear different layers, textures and subtle patterns
  • apply slightly more makeup than you normally do (great tips on how to do that here)
  • spend a good amount of time fixing your hair

Try to Avoid:                                                                                      
  • waiting until the day of your session to plan outfits
  • neon colors, ultra trendy styles or patterns
  • graphic tees or anything with a brand name or logo on it
  • ultra glittery eyeshadow or lipgloss
  • foundations/products with SPF (can cause you to look ghostly white or washed out in photos)
  • extremely dark or extremely bright eyeshadow/lipstick

For more information and some great visual examples, feel free to check out our What to Wear Board on Pinterest.

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