Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Little Brother & Big Brother ~ Oregon City Child Photographer

We love photographing families and siblings - especially when they get along as well as these two! Sometimes it really helps to have the other siblings present to help get the best and most natural smiles possible.

In this case, Little Brother loved to watch Big Brother, and Big Brother loved to try to make Little Brother smile and laugh. Big Brother jumped around and made funny noises and faces at Little Brother while I quietly snapped away. It worked wonders! Not to mention it made our job easier so we could focus more on capturing all the little moments and expressions it created.


H6 b+w



When it came to Big Brother's turn, we had to find out what made him laugh all on our own. Once again, you never know what's going to make a kid laugh. We found a sandy area to use as a backdrop for a 'beach themed' setup their mommy brought. We were clearing leaves and debris away from the sand, and I found a few cigarette butts lying around. "Eew, gross. A cigarette," I said as I flicked it away. Big Brother asked what it was and I told him it was an "EEW-GROSS-NASTY-CIGARETTE". He cracked up and started giggling.

He also found the thought of Batman in his underwear funny.

So we then started saying things like "I seen batman smoking a cigarette in his underwear!" And "Batman is smoking a gross cigarette inside my camera! Can you see him? Eew, how gross!"

He thought that was hysterical:





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