Friday, February 14, 2014

J's Sweet Sixteen Portraits ~ Oregon City Teen Photographer

This lovely 16-year-old is a returning client to Raining September Photography.

Family session, fall of 2012:

Friends session, summer of 2013:


I was so happy to have this lovely girl back, and to be her sweet sixteen photographer! It is very rare that all of my color treatments look good on a client. I usually include several in black and white, as well as regular color with the proofs so clients can see the different color treatments available. This girl looked good in EVERY SINGLE ONE of them!

Standard Color:

"Huckleberry Pie":
J24 - Huckleberry Pie

"Pumpkin Spice":

J15 - Pumpkin Spice

"Banana Split":
J16 - Banana Split

J8 crop - b+w

And my personal favorite shot of the day, treated with "Pumpkin Spice":
J25 - Pumpkin Spice

I loved that last one so much that I set it as the background on the main page of my site. Check it out!

Oregon City Teen Photographer