Saturday, September 24, 2011

Wyatt & Alexis E-Session - Oregon City Engagement Photographer

My childhood friend is getting married in a few weeks and she asked me to take her engagement pictures. I was so excited for the opportunity, as "E-Sessions" are some of my favorite sessions to be a part of. They are usually so easy - to direct, to pose - because the intimate setting and poses come so natural to the couple. And this session was no exception! The wonderful mother-of-the-bride-to-be had brought some great props for me to use during the sesh, including a dozen heart-shaped red balloons, an awesome little love-seat, and the bride-to-be's own guitar. Not only did she let us use her own property but she also had gone out of her way to knock on a couple stranger's doors to ask if we could use their property for shooting the session - which turned out some really breathtaking shots with a couple different barns, lush rolling fields, an old rusty truck for backdrops.

It was such a relaxing and laid-back session for them to remember forever through these beautiful photographs. Here are some great shots from the day:

W&A13 b+w









Saturday, September 10, 2011

The Porter Family ~ Oregon City Family Photographer

I had the great opportunity to shoot my best friend and her family today, and the location was gorgeous! The setting took place at her aunt's lovely property. A lush green lawn, fields with white fences inclosing them, birch trees with yellowing leaves, and a splendid old red barn made for a relaxed and country-esque atmosphere during this session. And the morning could not have been more beautiful! We were able to use the warm morning light and air before it got too hot. Luckily the session ended around noon, right as the temperature was around 85, - and still climbing - unseasonable heat for September. But nonetheless, the warm morning glow turned out some really beautiful pictures of this lovely family.

Here are some beautiful shots from the day:



Fam6 b+w





Their son also just had his 1 year birthday so we did a 1-year session as well. And what 1-year-old sesh wouldn't be complete without a cake smash? Here's some shots of the birthday boy:






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