Monday, April 28, 2014

G's Senior Session ~ Oregon City Senior Photographer

This lovely grad is a returning client; we first seen her and her fiance back in january for their engagement session:

Now she's back for her graduation portraits, and we're glad to have her! She brought her mom and sister along for the evening, and we all had such a blast taking both girl's senior portraits.

Here's some highlights from this gorgeous grad's senior session:

Here's some of the two together:

Oregon City senior photographer

Friday, April 25, 2014

L's Senior Session ~ Oregon City Senior Portrait Photographer

I am declaring that 'Senior Season' is officially OPEN!

Here we have our first high school senior session of the year:

Isn't she gorgeous? This lovely girl came to me for her senior portraits, as well as her sister - who also came to me earlier this year for her engagement portraits - which will be featured in the next post so keep a look out for her session coming soon!

I absolutely LOVE taking senior portraits! These girls and guys are turning from carefree adolescents into responsible adults. Time to leave the nest, and start searching for their first job, or for some to go off to collage and start their whole new lives. It's such an exciting time in anyone's life, and I feel so blessed having the opportunity to share this special time with these awesome seniors.


Oregon City Senior Portrait Photographer

Saturday, March 29, 2014

A's Three Year Sesh ~ Oregon City Child Photographer

This little darling was due for her three year portraits - and I am so glad her mamma chose me as her photographer! We chose this location because of it's stunning backdrops and gorgeous evening light. Her mamma warned me that her daughter was very camera-shy and had even been known to cry when she seen someone with a camera. Poor girl! I assured Mamma that this is actually very common for children her daughter's age to go through a camera-shy stage - but usually grow out of it by the next year!

But really, we had nothing to worry about! She was a little reserved at first, but once she warmed up to me, she was a doll! We started out searching for ducks and frogs by the pond, then we found out how much she loved listening to music from the cartoon Phineas and Ferb on her mamma's phone - which made her dance and smile and laugh!

What a little cutie she was, and I bet by next year she will be even more comfortable in front of the camera!

Adriana's 3 Year Session

Oregon City Child Photographer

Friday, February 14, 2014

J's Sweet Sixteen Portraits ~ Oregon City Teen Photographer

This lovely 16-year-old is a returning client to Raining September Photography.

Family session, fall of 2012:

Friends session, summer of 2013:


I was so happy to have this lovely girl back, and to be her sweet sixteen photographer! It is very rare that all of my color treatments look good on a client. I usually include several in black and white, as well as regular color with the proofs so clients can see the different color treatments available. This girl looked good in EVERY SINGLE ONE of them!

Standard Color:

"Huckleberry Pie":
J24 - Huckleberry Pie

"Pumpkin Spice":

J15 - Pumpkin Spice

"Banana Split":
J16 - Banana Split

J8 crop - b+w

And my personal favorite shot of the day, treated with "Pumpkin Spice":
J25 - Pumpkin Spice

I loved that last one so much that I set it as the background on the main page of my site. Check it out!

Oregon City Teen Photographer

Sunday, January 19, 2014

I's One Year Session ~ Oregon City Baby Photographer

This little darling was such a cutie! Her mamma is a returning client who came to me to get all five of her kid's portraits taken last summer.

That's her in the middle, all sober-like:

It was much too cold to take her pictures outdoors this time, so we set up this backdrop in her mamma's dining room. Gorgeous wood flooring + a simple backdrop + a large, bright window + a reflector = perfect indoor portraits! It's so simple for me to come to a client's home and set up an area like this for an in-home session. It's much easier and convenient for clients with babies or newborns for me to come to them, rather than making them pack up all their things and drive somewhere else.

This little cutie was such a character with so many smiles - it's not every day I get a one-year-old who is as happy or cooperative as she was!


Playing peek-a-boo was her favorite:


i10 b+w


Oregon City Baby Photographer