Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Baby A's 1 Year Portraits - Oregon City Baby Photographer

We had a returning client who is turning one! One-year-olds are so fun to photograph. They are really starting to get their own personalities and they're usually pretty happy. And who can be sad when there's cake and balloons all around! Baby A's mommy brought an adorable cupcake stand and pink balloons to celebrate. By the end of the cake smash, I'm pretty sure we ALL got cake or frosting on us somehow or another.

Here's some sweet captures from Baby A's one-year session:

Cake Smash16

Cake Smash14

Cake Smash11

Cake Smash9

Cake Smash5

A fun birthday collage:




Monday, June 11, 2012

Hailey's 4-Year Session ~ Oregon City Children's Photographer

We had a pretty lively session with this very animated 4-year-old. She's also a returning customer, this time getting her 4-year portraits. She was so sweet and funny, our cheeks were hurting from laughing more than hers were! We followed her around through the evening - we had so much fun - we were really able to capture her goofy personality, as well as her sweet, and sober moments as well. That is what we're all about, after all!

Enjoy these adorable shots from the evening:






H1 b+w


And my favorite: