Wednesday, August 8, 2012

William's 2 Year Portraits ~ Oregon City Child Photographer

We had Mr. W for a sports themed two-year-old session. We were able to find a park with a great baseball diamond to start out on. He likes everything from baseball to golf, and he even brought his own toys to play with during the shoot. Sometimes with kids this age, it's best to give them toys or props to play with. This is a good way to make sure they don't get bored and cranky - which is really a given when it comes to young kids. And two hours of taking pictures - especially posed, smiley ones - can be a lot to handle for a two-year-old.

So I just let him play. And play he did! He hit lots of home runs and RAN around the baseball diamond, even skidding into home! Then he wanted to golf. We watched and laughed as he hocky-slap-shot the golfball al over the hills of the park. I just stood back, and let him do his thing. It was adorable. Some of my favorite shots from the day are of him not looking at me, or running around, doing exactly what makes him happy - and what he does best!




W7 Antique

W20 vintage

W10 b+w


W16 b+w

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