Friday, January 20, 2012

Baby Alyssa's 7 Month Sesh ~ Oregon City Baby Photographer

It's always fun to have returning clients, especially when they are as darling as this lovely lady. Baby Alyssa just turned 7 months, so it's been awhile since we've last seen her for her 4 month session, but oh how the time has flown by. It seems just yesterday she was the little baby sleeping in a basket, wearing a hand-crocheted Minnie Mouse outfit. Now she's siting up and crawling. I'm so glad I get to be her photographer for her 7 month session!

My usual style of shooting is in outdoor settings with natural light, but it's January - much too cold and rainy for anyone to be outside for too long. So we decided to take the whole session indoors - a first for me. Luckily for us, baby Alyssa's room has a huge triple panel glass patio door spanning one wall, so we were able to utilize that great source of natural light during the sesh. And oh how I love how the shots turned out! She had the best outfit changes - my personal fave from the day: the adorable pink tutu!

Enjoy these darling shots from the session: (Que the oooh's and awe's)  ;-D



A4 b+w


A16 b+w



Sneak Peek


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