Saturday, September 24, 2011

Wyatt & Alexis E-Session - Oregon City Engagement Photographer

My childhood friend is getting married in a few weeks and she asked me to take her engagement pictures. I was so excited for the opportunity, as "E-Sessions" are some of my favorite sessions to be a part of. They are usually so easy - to direct, to pose - because the intimate setting and poses come so natural to the couple. And this session was no exception! The wonderful mother-of-the-bride-to-be had brought some great props for me to use during the sesh, including a dozen heart-shaped red balloons, an awesome little love-seat, and the bride-to-be's own guitar. Not only did she let us use her own property but she also had gone out of her way to knock on a couple stranger's doors to ask if we could use their property for shooting the session - which turned out some really breathtaking shots with a couple different barns, lush rolling fields, an old rusty truck for backdrops.

It was such a relaxing and laid-back session for them to remember forever through these beautiful photographs. Here are some great shots from the day:

W&A13 b+w









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